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Foolscap Press is Lawrence G. Van Velzer & Peggy Gotthold. We started Foolscap Press in 1990 after many years in the business in order to publish books under our own imprint. All of our books are designed, printed and bound at the press and distributed directly to our customers.

Peggy Gotthold worked as a bookbinder at Schuberth Bookbindery in San Francisco and Arion Press. She trained in letterpress printing and typesetting at Cowell Press (UCSC), Yolla Bolly Press and Artichoke Press.

Lawrence G. Van Velzer operated his own press and worked as a printer and typesetter at Arion Press. His father taught printing in technical high schools and was a letterpress printer who learned printing from his father, who published a newspaper printed on a handpress in the 1870's.

Our goal is to produce finely-made hand crafted books of literature and other works with which we hope to surprise and delight institutions and individuals who collect our books. We produce our books in editions of 120 to 200 copies. Foolscap Press editions are collected in England and across the United States.

Our current backlog of projects encourages us to plan to produce at least one title a year. Our scheduled publication program precludes the Press from accepting outside unsolicited manuscripts.